A.T.Darusazan Iran Co. in the field of poultry medicine production, has a wide basket of drugs including: Coccidiostats, Antibiotics, Vitamins, Supplements and ..In the form of powder and solution.

A.T.Darusazan Iran Co. is trying to take a step towards improving the quality and increasing development of its medicines portfolio by relying on existing domestic and foreign potentials.


A.T.Darusazan Iran Co. is active in the field of production of animal medicines and supplements with custom formulas and ,etc..

A.T.Darusazan Iran Co .always strives to improve the quality of products and provide the latest veterinary products and gain customer satisfaction.


A.T.Darusazan Iran Co. is active in the field of production of aquatic medicines and supplements, including: cold-water fish, hot-water fish and shrimp with customer order formulas and,etc..A.T.Darusazan Iran Co. has succeeded in increasing the amount of high quality products by using modern machinery and equipment in accordance with pharmaceutical standards.

POLYPLEX® (B-Complex)

POLY PLEX ® is being used as an aid to improve lesions caused by vitamin B groups deficiency in livestock and poultry such as: growth disorders, reduce hatching, testicular atrophy in the roosters, decrease appetite, diarrhea, stargazing , curled toe paralysis, decreasing feed conversion ratio and improvement immune function.

Virocid and CID 2000

Virocid is registered for use in hospitals, medical environments and public areas.* It has proven tests that it can eradicate a closely related surrogate of the currently spreading corona virus.

Virocid is proven effective against viruses, bacteria, funghi and spores at a dilution of 1:400 (0,25%) with a contact time of 10 minutes.

You can easily dilute Virocid in water to have a ready to use solution. Virocid is safe on all hard surfaces, vehicles and equipment, what makes it the perfect, reliable partner in the prevention of global disease outbreaks like the corona virus.



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